Maker Badges

A page for storing various badges for makers

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Maker Badges Repository

This site is designed to be a repository for various “maker badges”, similar to Scouting America’s Merit badges.

Feel free to use and 3d print and/or vinyl cut your own.


Name Image Credit
Trebuchet olisny
3D Printing olisny
Circular Saw olisny
Coding olisny
Drone olisny
Dumpster Dive olisny
Gears olisny
Glider olisny
Glue Gun olisny
Hammer olisny
Laser Cutter olisny
LED Silhouette olisny
LED Symbol olisny
Paintbrushes olisny
Pottery olisny
Raspberry Pi olisny
Sewing olisny
Soldering olisny
Good Job olisny